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Burberry Fashion Brand Ditches Real Fur and Burning Unsold Goods

Burberry Fashion Brand Ditches Real Fur and Burning Unsold Goods

The famous fashion label Burberry has said it will stop using real fur in its products, and plans to phase out existing items that contain real fur.

Some of Burberry's products contain rabbit, fox, mink and Asiatic racoon fur in its collections, but will these are set to be phased out and discontinued.


The brand has also said it will stop the burning of unsold goods immediately, and will work towards donating or recycling unsold stock.


In July 2018, it was revealed that Burberry had destroyed £28.6m worth of unsold clothes, accessories and perfume in 2017 to 'protect its brand', leading to a major backlash from environmentalists.


Unfortunately, this kind of practice is common with many leading fashion labels, who protect the exclusivity of their products by ensuring the last season's items are destroyed.


According to Marco Gobbetti, chief executive officer of Burberry, Burberry's ethos holds sustainability as a central aspect of their brand, which is why they are implementing the changes.


  1. Alexandra Staff Alexandra Staff

    It is about time that fashion houses actually listen to the people who 'buy' their clothing and not the 'famous faces' that make money from promoting themselves with no care for the animal that died in pain to make them feel better. It is ridiculous how these people with money bang on about 'rights' whilst wearing a being who suffered, on their back. Shame on them!!!!

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