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Vegan Jackfruit Burger Launches in Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Vegan Jackfruit Burger Launches in Gourmet Burger Kitchen

The new burger, named ‘Jack-in-a-bun’, consists of a butternut squash and quinoa patty, beetroot mayonnaise and Korean pulled jackfruit. Served in a sourdough bun and topped with pickled onions and rocket, this new addition to Gourmet Burger Kitchen's menu could be considered as something of a peace offering to the vegan community.

Jay James, the Head of Marketing at Gourmet Burger Kitchen said, “We are always looking to revamp our menu and keep our burger offering exciting and fresh as we know that our customers like to try out new ingredients and taste experiences. While Jack-in-the-bun was developed with our vegan burger-lovers in mind, we’re sure it will be popular among other customers who like to try out the latest food trends too.”


Many will remember the upset within the vegan community when, in 2016, GBK laughed a marketing campaign for their meat burgers that used vegans and vegetarians as laughing stock to sell burgers.


The 2016 advertisements contained phrases such as “They eat grass so you don’t have to” (with a photograph of a cow), “You’ll always remember when you gave up being a vegetarian”, “Anyone fancy a nice, juicy, 6oz lettuce?”, “Resistance is futile” and “Burger is the new quinoa”.


Fast forward two years, and triple (or maybe even quadruple) the consumer power of vegans, vegetarians, reducitarians and flexitarians, and it's clear to see why Gourmet Burger Kitchen would be keen to cash in on the very market whose consumers they sought to alienate a couple of years back.


But the past is the past, right? And this is another great step for veganism as options become even more accessible and visible on the high-street. Imagine the reaction of the people who laughed at the vegan-teasing ads of 2016 when they see the ads for a vegan jackfruit burger.


Veganism already conquered its closest allies, and now even the vegan-bashers are getting with the program, which really shows the amount of change that has taken place over the last couple of years. 


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