Yorica to Open a Second Branch!

Yorica to Open a Second Branch!

Yorica, the first all vegan ice cream parlour in London, has just announced they will be opening a second location! And guess where? In Notting Hill on the corner of Kensington Park Road & Blenheim Cresent near Notting Hill Bookshop! Is West London becoming super vegan friendly or what!! I am overly excited about this! (And I am sure everyone GreenBay team member is too) Currently planning how to make a little escape there on my lunch breaks!

Yorica is not only 100% vegan, but they are also gluten free and nut free. There's also rumours of them working on going soya free, meaning that people with all lifestyles and allergies/intolerance will be able to enjoy their ice creams, fro-yo, milkshakes and waffles!!! 

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