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Vegan Cartel Vegan Bacon 80g

This plant-based bacon is the result of months of experimenting in order to find the perfect recipe. Rich in Protein, B12, Love and Magic, It will definitely destroy your cravings and make your body and soul feel good!

Meetlyke Vegan Bacon 60g

Vegan seitan-based slices!
The Meetlyke vegan bacon is a true game changer: use it for a vegan BLT, a vegan carbonara or as part of a delicious vegan breakfast, or enjoy them on their own.

Tofurky Smoky Maple Bacon Style Tempeh 198g

For the joys of eating bacon without the hurting animals, cholesterol or fat. Combine with lettuce and tomato for a tremendous "TLT" sandwich or enjoy on a salad.

Harmless Foods Sliced Steak 250g

The Plant-Based Sliced Steak is a delicious and innovative Plant-Based alternative to steak that looks, cooks and tastes like meat, just kinder.

Sgaia Mheat Streaky Rashers 120g

Smoky Slices with a Hint of Maple.
Not just made to look like streaky bacon, Sgaia has reinvented the streaks in their rashers to create a delicious play on flavours and textures.

Vegusto Farmhouse Sausage 2x115g

A delicious alternative with a tasty smoked flavour. It's great fried up as part of a vegetarian traditional breakfast or on a meaty bread roll sandwich.

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Odontella Odontella Salmon 120g

Odontella Salmon 120g

**SOLD OUT - COMING BACK SOON** - Subscribe to this item to be the first one notified when back in stock!

*0% Fish 100% Taste* - Closest product in the market to Salmon!

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F-ish F-ish (Smoked Vegan Salmon) - Lemon + Dill 150g

F-ish (Smoked Vegan Salmon) - Lemon + Dill 150g

Plant - Based Alternative to Smoked Salmon
Perfect with Bagels or Blinis!

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The Real Lancashire Pudding Co Vegetarian Black Pudding 200g

Vegetarian Black Pudding 200g

The Worlds first Vegetarian & Vegan Black Pudding. Vegetarians have been missing out! This product has the same distinctive flavour as Lancashire Black Puddings Award Winning Black Puddings. The V Pud is a very versatile product.

Sgaia Mheat Steak Original 150g

The Original Steak is the most versatile. It's tasty, deliciously savoury with a rich umami taste that will compliment any marinade, sauce or vegetable side dish.

Tofurky Italian Style Sausages 250g

This classic Italian style sausage is as versatile as your imagination. Enjoy it on a bun with peppers and onions, sliced into pasta sauce or grilled on the barbeque.

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Topas Wheaty ORG Salami Slices 100g

Wheaty ORG Salami Slices 100g

Very special slices: Wheaty Salami. Air dried, fresh and spicy with a lot of bell pepper. These slices are not only suitable as bread topping or on cold plates but as well as pizza topping, on toast and in various salads. Lactose-free, without eggs and su

Sojade Grilled Seitan Steak 200g

This is your meat-free organic alternative to steak, made from seitan, which itself is made from gluten, the main protein of wheat.

Clear Spot Tofu Seacakes 190g

A blend of plain tofu, seaweed and a little smoked tofu, Clear Spot sea cakes are the perfect vegan alternative to fish cakes.

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Vantastic Foods Vantastic Foods VEGGIE like a piece of salmon 300g

Vantastic Foods VEGGIE like a piece of salmon 300g

A big piece of the finest filet like salmon but made of soya. Fantastically authentic sea-like taste as well as convincing look and texture – not least because of its "skin" made of seaweed.

Meetlyke Bockwurst Sausages 200g

Vegan sausage with an amazing symbiosis of juiciness and authentic taste. Suitable for grilling, the pan, and for frying.

Meetlyke Bratwurst Sausages 200g

Vegan seitan-based sausages with herbs. For pan-frying and barbecue roasting. Enjoy with your favourite vegan side!

Viana Bonanza Veggie Steaks 210g

Spiced chunky steaks, great for a barbecue or some excellent comfort food

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Vantastic Foods Lord of Tofu THUNA organic 110g

Lord of Tofu THUNA organic 110g

Vegan alternative to tuna with a combination of soybeans, tomato paste and Tamari. Great in both salads and warm, hearty dishes. Get creative!

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Vantastic Foods Vantastic Foods fish steak 300g

Vantastic Foods fish steak 300g

Vegan fish steak! Bake in foil, deep fry and serve with chips and mayo à la "Fish‘n‘ Chips" or use as a "fish burger".

Sgaia Mheat Burger Fragrante 2x110g

This one's for the sweet-toothed mheat eaters in the house! This Fragrante burger has a light, perfectly balanced sweet and savoury flavour that is super tasty while also delicate on the palate.

Vegusto Pepper Schnitzel Steak 2x80g

Juicy & tender healthy alternative to meat steak or schnitzel, seasoned with a coating of fresh ground peppers.

V Bites Rashers 115g

Perfect for veggie breakfasts, our meat-free rashers are great in vegan-friendly ‘bacon sarnies’ too! Wonderful for a veggie ‘BLT’ and added to pasta sauces. Ideal too for people who want to avoid processed meat in the light of recent health scares.


Smoky, Peppery & Aromatic New York Deli Style Classic
Inspired by the much loved staple of New York Jewish cuisine, this Pastramheat is aromatic, savoury, slightly smoky in flavour and fantastically tender.

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