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GreenBay Team

Paula Alcalde 

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Originally from Spain, Paula moved to London 7 years ago. After becoming vegan, she quickly discovered a whole new world of flavours and exciting products, which led to her current obsession for food; that's how her dream of opening an all-vegan Supermarket started. Her dream was to encourage people to follow a kinder lifestyle by making veganism more accessible, specially for those transitioning.

She currently juggles her own Engineering business with fitness training, and working at the store & warehouse, while focusing on the development & expansion for GreenBay. 

Paula is currently the biggest GreenTeam foodie and loves discovering new vegan products as well as visiting eateries around London and the world when time allows – which isn’t very often! 


Anderson Caicedo 
Co-Founder & Managing Director


Made in Colombia. Anderson is GreenBay’s co-founder and the voice of reason. With a background in finance and investment, and having worked for prestigious firms such as Bloomberg & J.P. Morgan, he decided to make a switch in his career to help promote veganism and live a more ethical lifestyle.

In 2013 he had the opportunity to watch a number of documentaries about animal farming which opened his eyes. This was sufficient to understand he had to make some changes to his personal life. He turned vegan in January 2014 and since then he has not looked back.

If you have visited our store, you can usually find Anderson bossing around or behind a spread sheet. You can also find him in the basement having a Lenny & Larry's cookie with coffee.  


Jose Sanchez
Customer Service Specialist


Originally from Northern California, Jose has been vegan for over a decade. He believes that the biggest and most effective form of activism is proudly representing veganism in a positive way.

He always tries to encourage friends, family and customers at work to try plant-based alternatives, educating them about the cruelty involved in animal products. He believes there is a stigma attached to veganism, particularly in black communities & minority ethnic groups, and feels that he can help others break those stereotypes and realise that vegans of colour can also be healthy, big & strong.
Jose is not only passionate about human & animal rights; one of his biggest passions is music and he is also a professional drummer.

You'll find Jose in the store day dreaming about his wife and talking to customers, colleagues, himself, and just about anyone who'll listen!