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We have created GreenClub to thank you for all your support and kindness. Every time you shop with us, you are not only helping animals, you are also helping a 100% vegan business to thrive as well as helping a number of small vegan companies that rely on us to make their delicious products available to you.

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Great Vegan Shop

"Really amazing vegan products and they have a point system so if I shop for roughly 55 pounds I get free delivery and about three pounds off"

Johan B - Verified Buyer

1. How to collect Green Beans


Use GreenClub to collect Green Beans on every single item we sell, in store and online. There are many more actions which will reward you with Green Beans

Place an order online 

5 Green Beans x £1 spent

Place an order in-store

5 Green Beans x £1 spent

Celebrate a birthday

100 Green Beans

Facebook Like

25 Green Beans

Facebook Share

15 Green Beans

Instagram follow

25 Green Beans

Twitter follow

25 Green Beans

Twitter Share

15 Green Beans

Signup to GreenClub

50 Green Beans

Terms and Conditions

Unfortunately, we are not able to backdate the day you join GreenClub, meaning that any orders placed before this date cannot be converted to Green Beans.

Any orders you place as guest cannot be added to your account and/or converted to Green Beans

2. Get Vouchers

Green Beans can be converted to vouchers

We turn your Green Beans into vouchers to help you save on your future shopping. The more you collect the greater the savings

400 Green Beans

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£4 off coupon

800 Green Beans

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£8 off coupon

1000 Green Beans

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£10 off coupon

3. GreenClub Referral Program

Once you have an active GreenClub account, you can refer your friends and get rewarded. For every successful referral you and your friend get a £5 voucher each.


  • Order value must be £25 or more (Excluding shipping and discounts/vouchers)
  • Once your friend receives the reward, he/she will be able to use it on their first order only
  • The advocate (you) will be issued with a reward (£5 voucher) once the friend makes a purchase
  • Advocates cannot refer existing customers: Our system distinguishes between a first-time customer and a repeat customer. Only first-time customers can be referred. Repeat customers will not be considered referrals. For example, John refers Mary. Our system detects this, and John gets the reward. Subsequently, another customer, Tim sends his referral link to Mary and Mary makes a purchase through that referral link. Our system detects this but does not consider this a referral as Mary is already an existing customer.  
  • Advocates cannot refer themselves (Fraud) If the system detects that the advocate is trying to refer him/herself, GreenBay will not award the referral to the advocate, moreover it reserves the right to cancel the order and flag the accounts. Please use this feature responsible.

Sharing options

You will be able to share your referral link in most social media platforms including;

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • SMS
  • Email

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