Meet The Team


Co-Founder & Managing Director

Paula has a background in business & design, and despite being a young entrepreneur, she holds over 15 years experience in the infrastructure and corporate world. She moved to the UK at 23 and shortly after learning the language she started her own business, which has led her to work in some of the biggest infrastructure projects not only in the UK, but also the world.

After becoming vegan, she quickly discovered a whole new world of flavours and exciting products; that's how her dream of opening an all-vegan Supermarket started. Her dream was to encourage people to follow a kinder lifestyle by making veganism more accessible, specially for those transitioning. That's how GreenBay started!


Co-Founder & Managing Director

With a background in industrial engineering, finance and investment and having worked for prestigious financial firms such as Bloomberg & J.P. Morgan, Anderson decided to make a switch in his career to help promote veganism and live a more ethical lifestyle. He turned vegan in January 2014 and since then he has not looked back! documentaries such as Fork Over Knives, Earthlings, Blackfish and Cowspiracy helped him make the connection.

Anderson oversees the day to day running of the business but also loves a proper cup of Colombian coffee and a piece of cake!


Bakery & Customer Service

With over 12 years of experience in music performance, as a vocalist Rosa’s interaction with others is a key factor in her everyday life. Not only does this represent her through her passion of performing, but also through her need to deliver a good service to our customers in store. A firm believer that kindness is key. Being the baker behind our BakedByRosaaa cakes (currently in-store only), Rosa has a huge passion for food and baking, making it easy for her to advise our newbie vegans on our wide range of vegan products or pair flavours together. Rosa is passionate about the movement of veganism and believes that GreenBay is a place in which she can freely express her feelings without judgement, as well as feel good about her lifestyle choices in the world that we are living in today. 


Buyer & Customer Service

Vanisha can usually be found eating behind the till. She is one of our buyers here and thoroughly enjoys discovering new vegan products and seeing customers excited to try them too. Outside of GreenBay, Vanisha studies astronomy part time, alongside an access course with a desire to build a career in visual anthropology; as she finds connecting with new people incredibly fulfilling and believes that everyone’s story is worth listening to. Previously often finding herself the only vegan in the room, she finds GreenBay a pleasantly welcoming environment and aims to extend this through her customer service.


Online Store Assistant & Customer Service

Nicole is a music photographer in the making who travelled Europe and America before settling down in London. She now lives very close to GreenBay store and that’s why she works here. Just kidding! That’s only one of her reasons not to mention her passions for Rosa’s cakes!… Nicole is a natural vegetarian. Ever since she was little, her mom had to force her to even touch meat, most of the time unsuccessfully. One day about 5 years ago, she saw a commercial promoting antibiotics-free chicken and she realised that if such stuff needed to be advertised, all the talks about meat’s health benefits must have been just fake news. And that’s how she decided to go vegan. She can be found in the store helping with online orders, dealing with suppliers and tasting new products.