Benevo Organic Dog Cake Mix - 140g


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A delicious and easy to make organic chocolate dog cake mix. Flavoured with organic carob and cinnamon the mix is easily baked or microwaved to create the sponge base on which you can spread the organic coconut flavoured icing included in the pack. Owners can then use their imagination to add carrot or bread stick candles, maybe some fruit into the sponge mix or top the cake off with their favourite biscuit!


Vegetarian Society and Vegan Society Approved, with no GMO ingredients.


★ Ideal for birthdays, seasonal celebrations and more

★ Wheat-free Organic Recipe

★ No GM Ingredients

★ No Added Sugar

★ No Added Salt

★ No Meat, Egg or Dairy

★ Only Natural Colours & Flavours


Complementary feed for dogs.



Organic Carob and Cinnamon Cake Mix Composition: Organic Brown Rice, Organic Carob Powder (4%), Baking Powder, Organic Cinnamon Powder (1%), Xantham Gum.


Protein 7.5%, Fat 2.5%, Fibre 0.9%, Inorganic Matter 3.5%, Moisture 12%.

Organic Coconut Frosting:

Composition: Organic Corn Flour, Organic Coconut Flour (1%), Xantham Gum.

Analytical Constituents: Protein 1%, Fat 0.5%, Fibre 0.4%, Inorganic Matter 0.6%, Moisture 14%.