HOLOS Kombucha Classic 250ml


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Holos' signature blend of green and black teas is truly delightful - a beautifully balanced and harmonious booch with citrus notes.

  • Authentic, small-batch brew

  • Unpasteurised

  • Vegan

  • Low-sugar

HOLOS is passionate about capturing the simplicity and flavour of nourishing and natural ingredients, retaining all the benefits of kombucha, which is naturally rich in probiotics, antioxidants and enzymes.

Because of this, they do not pasteurise, dilute or add processed sugars, syrups or fruit juices to flavour our kombucha. HOLOS also ferments and bottles their own kombucha in small batches, rather than continuously brewing, which produces a consistent and harmonious flavour. 


HOLOS LONDON is a gutsy little kombucha company with a big social purpose. Founded by five friends, their vision is to make products which are good for you and good for our world. Every bottle of HOLOS kombucha sold helps HOLOS' social mission of supporting survivors of human trafficking.

Thank you for playing your part in helping change the world!