DEFY Organic White Wine in a can 250ml (13%ABV)

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We love wine, so we got rid of the pretension and all the fuss around it and we put it in a can, because cans are easy for people (and good for the planet).

Contains sulphites.

Our wine

We care about quality as much as we do about taste. DEFY is enjoyment, not getting smashed, so our wine is grown and made organically. All our wine is Soil Association certified organic & vegan-friendly.

We don't think you need to know much more than that (after reading our straight-forward tasting notes, however we understand some people want to know more, and we are not here to tell you what to do or how to enjoy things, so here is some info on our wine...

Grown and made in Abruzzo, Italy using the pecorino grape. It has a 13% ABV.

Defiance is reinvention, not destruction

Who we are

We are a small, UK-based company. We love wine, but we didn't like all the complexity and pretension surrounding it. We just want great, delicious wine and we know you do, too. That's it, the wine. We are not here to tell you what went in to it and all about how it's done and make you learn a hundred new terms.

There is a beautiful amount of history, science, complexity, luck and chaos from nature that goes into every drop of wine. Why should you have to know or worry about that? Just enjoy it.


This is not wine education. There are plenty out there who are trying to educate you on wine; we just bring you great wine to enjoy when, where and how you want. With DEFY, you can just enjoy it. You can trust it's going to be made well with care given to the process, to the ingredients. That's why our wine is organic and vegan-friendly.

People should be able to have delicious wine, any time, any place. We know people desire quality, but don't need the snobbery or the exclusivity that can come with wine. We are direct, straightforward, simple and authentic.


Wine is amazing, it is beautiful; it is one of our oldest drinks, but to hell with elitism, snobbery, pompousness and anything else making it difficult to simply enjoy some wine or to exclude anyone from giving it a try.

We don't need destruction, we need better.

DEFY - not destroy.