Kind Bag Gray & Coral 100% recycled reusable shopping bag

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 Kind Bag is a reusable bag made from 6 used plastic bottles. 10% of profits go to Just One Ocean, supporting awareness of plastic pollution, overfishing and habitat destruction.

Did you know single plastic bags have the average life of only 15 mins?  Did you know 80% of plastic bottles we buy end up in landfill and it takes up to 1000 years for one bottle to decompose? To tackle this environmental issue, we decided to rescue these plastic bottles from going to landfill in order to reduce the use of single use plastic bags. We turn waste into beautiful, reusable and 100% recyclable bags to support your life to be a little kinder to the planet. 

Kind Bags have strong stitching and wider bottoms so you can fit the contents of up to 3 carrier bags in it. Their wide straps help you to distribute the weight in a proportional and comfortable way.

The bag folds up into a neat little pouch (12x14cm) that is attached to the bag, making it easy to carry around with you at any time. 

We want to reduce plastic waste and replace some of the 1 trillion single-use plastic bags which are used every year with reusable bags.

Kind Bags are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

  • Made from rescued plastic bottles destined for our oceans
  • 100% recyclable
  • Helps eliminate the need for single-use plastic bags
  • High-quality, premium, strong material
  • Water resistant and lightweight - only weighs 50g
  • Strong stitching to carry those heavy loads - up to 20kg
  • Machine washable
  • Large capacity fitting in 2-3 grocery bags of shopping
  • Folds into small pouch and can fit into pocket or handbag
  • Long arms to ensure a comfortable fit around the shoulder

Size: 39cm wide x 64cm long x 17cm deep

Care: Kind Bags can be gently washed in the machine at 30 degrees and hung to dry. Wash with similar colours. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean.


Recycled cotton bags, dyed using azo free dyes, manufactured by a rural womens workforce.


We're always seeking ways to contribute more to the world. One of the contributions we make, in addition to reducing plastic waste, is to support charities; currently we donate 1% of our sales, whether we make profits or not, to 4 organisations via Work For Good (1% of sales divided into 0.25% for each charity).

The organisations we support are: Just One Ocean, Breast Cancer Haven, WWF UK and Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.