Wonky Melty Choccy bundle - NEWSLETTER EXCLUSIVE!

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As you all know, last two days (not just) in London were days from hell - it quite literally felt like it outside. We tried our very best to make it through this heatwave unaffected, but UK simply isn't cut for this weather... and apparently, the same applies for a part of our chocolate storage room😬 Before we realised what was happening, the damage had been done. Yes, you guessed it - many many many of our chocolates have melted dooooooooown😂 We opened each kind and tried what it tasted like melted (very good), then pretended they were a vegan chocolate fountain (also good), but there's only as much chocolate our team can handle and we have now reached the (VERY) maximum intake per person. It is such a pity to throw it all out as it's still just as delicious, just completely mishapen... So we thought we'd pass it on and create this MELTED CHOCOLATE BUNDLE. 


You will receive a mystery bundle of funky wonky chocolate worth at least £14 that will include brands such as Vego, Gnaw, Ombar, Rhythm 108 or Prodigy. Perfect for melting over porridge, baking, or just eating right from the pack!