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Mr Popple's Chocolate Euphoric Orange - 35g


“To make this euphoric bar I add blissfully sunny orange oil to my 70% raw Peruvian Criollo cacao chocolate, sweetening it naturally with yacon syrup.

Refreshing and sweet, it will leave you with a rush of euphoria from each bite.”

Sweetened purely with Yacon Syrup, for an even tastier, healthier bar. Yacon Syrup is low GI, low calorie, and acts as a natural prebiotic.

Cocoa solids: 70% minimum

This is the most potent and purest raw chocolate bar of the range; the ultimate raw chocolate experience.

Raw cacao, yacon syrup, lucuma, sweet orange oil (all organic)

Nutrition Information (per 100g): Energy 2383KJ / 577Kcal, Fat 50.9g (of which saturates 31.2g), Carbohydrates 22.3g (of which sugars 9.5g), Fibre 8.7g, Protein 7.3g, Salt trace


Organic, Vegan, Handmade, Ethically Traded & Sustainably Grown.
For the good of the planet, our packaging is Plastic Free & Fully Compostable