Organax Organic Revitalise Superfood Pouch 120g


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Daily Revitalise is a detoxifying and nourishing combination which  supports and assists in ridding your body of toxins. Full of nutrient-dense, plant foods with high antioxidant capabilities.

In combination with our core base of Barley Grass, Spirulina & Wheat Grass., Revitalise key ingredients include:

Organic Chlorella – great for cleansing, alkalizing and energizing the body

Organic Brocolli – which neutralises the body and eliminates toxins

Organic Alfalfa – with roots as deep as 30ft, it is rich in vitamins A,B,D,E & K; and minerals including iron, magnesium & potassium.

Also includes:

Organic Grasses - Sea greens and fresh water plants;, Organic Wheatgrass powder, Organic Barley grass powder, Organic Alfalfa powder, Organic Spirulina powder, Organic Chlorella powder, Organic Aloe Vera gel powder.

Organic super foods, herbs and spices
Organic Acai powder, Organic Flax seed fibre, Organic Cinnamon powder, Organic Rosehip skin powder, Organic Lucuma powder, Organic Licorice powder, Organic Baobab powder

Organic Fruits
Organic Raspberry powder, Organic Pineapple powder, Organic Pomegranate fruit powder, Organic Goji fruit powder, Organic Schisandra fruit powder, Organic Blueberry powder

Organic Vegetables
Organic Broccoli powder, Organic Spinach powder, Organic Carrot Powder, Organic Red Beet powder

Per 100g

Energy 1269KJ/303KCAL

Total Fat 3.3g

Of which saturates 0.6g

Carbohydrates 34.7g

Of which sugars 14.4g

Dietary Fibre 26.2g

Protein 20.4g

Salt 0.1g