Organic Organic Sauerkraut with Camelina Oil 290g


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This is a milder take on the traditional, classic sauerkraut. There are only 3 ingredients – white cabbage (Sokrates variety), cold pressed camelina oil and Klodawska rock salt. The cabbage is thickly sliced to keep a crunchy texture. Apart from the rich probiotic content produced during the fermentation process there is much goodness from the wild flax seed from which the camelina oil is pressed, thanks to its addition the sauerkraut has light notes of mustard with a buttery taste.

Unpasteurised product – store refrigerated before and after opening. Organically certified product.

Organic white cabbage, organic camelina oil, Klodawska rock salt. Unpasteurised product – store refrigerated before and after opening.

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