SHREDDY Tropical Punch BCAA 240g


Pack a Tropical Punch! Stay on top of your game with this 100% vegan Tropical Punch amino acid supplement drink. Tired of relying on sugary drinks to pump you up for a workout? Us too. 

Our tasty GET SHREDDY Tropical Punch BCAA has many benefits including:

  • Sugar-Free

  • Helping to sustain your workout

  • Encourages muscle recovery (reduce pesky post-exercise soreness)

  • Essential ratio of 2: 1: 1 (Leucine, Isoleucine & Valine) this ratio can help to maximize muscle growth & energy

  • Maximum taste available in 3 delicious flavours

  • Excellent solubility

Workout with a gym buddy that’ll boost you up (and won’t talk during sets). Want to know what all the BCAA buzz is about? BCAAs are amazing and can help reduce muscle breakdown & keep you going for longer. Add 10g of BCAA powder with 500ml of water. Mix well, and enjoy!



Our packaging is fully compostable and conforms to BS EN 13432! Our pouches contain:

Natureflex – Cellulose made from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees from managed plantations.

Bio-Polymer - bio-polymer derived from natural resources such as sugarcane, cassava and corn.


Ideally, dispose of the pack in the organic/food waste collection bin or in a home compost bin. However, if you’ve got no separate collection of organic waste, then it can be disposed of in the residual waste bin and will still decompose fully in landfill.

Due to the complete compostability of our pouches, the printing on the pouch is therefore a little more fragile than usual and you may see small silver marks when the pouches arrive to you. This is the best print level we can achieve to ensure it breaks down fully in the environments set out above. Please be advised this is not a product defect and in no way affects the content of the pouch.