Touré Pure Shea Butter 100ml





Touré the founder loves exploring the world. Passionate about natural ingredients, he started this journey with our shea butter; made by a women's cooperative in Guinea. 

We continue to introduce pure cosmetic ingredients while promoting ethical sourcing, sustainability and local consumption.


Our shea butter comes from Guinea and is an efficient natural moisturizer for hair, body and face. With its unique oil content and nut essence, our product undergoes no chemical treatment of blanching, to keep all its qualities safe.

Moisturizes all types of skin
Strengthens and nourishes hair
Prevents and reduces stretch marks, lines and wrinkles
Heals wounds and dry feet
Regenerates the skin after sun
Protects and repairs chapped lips
Softens the skin and reduces red spots after waxing and shaving

Face (as an intense night cream)
Hair (as a hair mask/ natural conditioner)
Body (to prevent stretch marks and dry skin)
Nails & feet (as a cuticle care and foot care)

Seal and store in a dry place (temp between 15-25°C). The texture can vary depending on the temperature but it does not affect the quality of the product.

Butyrospermum Parkii (shea) butter.