Vantastic Foods Soja Schnetzel Soya Meat 250g


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How is soya meat produced? Really simple: Finely ground and to 5% fat reduced soya beans are processed with a machine named "extruder" to get them puffed up just like peanut flips. The machine wraps the soya mass in a vacuum and then presses it through a small nozzle. Due to the pressure difference on the other end of the nozzle the soya mass is getting puffed up with an airy consistency. Only by physics - completely free from chemical additives. The fluffy soya mass is then cut in the desired form and dried. That's it! No witchcraft and no aggressive chemicals! :)


Using the Soja Schnetzel just as easy as their production. Just soak them in boiling water for about 10 to 15 minutes or put them in mildly warm vegetable bouillon for about 30 minutes until they are nice and soaked. By absorbing the fluids the soya strips get a nice consistency and a firm bite. Of course you can always swap the vegetable bouillon to your most favourite sauce or marinade. The Schnetzel will absorb the unique flavour and become very tasty and aromatic. This is also one of their many Advantages compaired to real meat. The Schnetzel are also much less perishable - you can even keep it for over an entire year if you keep them cool and dry.


Soy flour defatted.

ALLERGY ADVICE: This product contains soya and may contain traces of gluten, panuts, nuts and milk.



Nutrition information per 100g
Energy 1407kJ/ 322kcal
Fat 1,2g
of which saturated 0,3g
Carbohydrates 27g
of which sugar 8,6g
Protein 49g
Salt 0,01g